Mp3 Script frequently asked questions

MP3 Script can be installed on the local server using wamp, xampp or other servers that run PHP 5.6 or newer and MySQL(5.1+). If you want to read the full system requirements check out the System Requirements.

PHP doesn`t handle unicode file names across operating systems too well. DO NOT have foreign characters in file names as they won`t be recognised by the system. If you don`t see your file listed, rename it. There are a number of excellent free batch rename utilities online to rename files.

Its fully customisable and can be adapted into any layout via the built in template engine.

Yes. See this page for the installation service.

Go to themes/public/default/img and replace the logo.png with your logo

Go to themes/public/default/img and replace the favicon.png with your favicon, it must be a .png file.

Open the 'application/config/config.php', on line 85 you will find: $config['language'] = 'english';
Change english with the name of folder you uploaded/created

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