Read here the changes of MP3 Script.

  1. You can now add new files via YouTube video_id, all you need to do is to paste the YouTube video_id and select a category.
    • If you want to update your script just copy and replace the folowing files:
    • application/modules/tracks/views/manage.php
    • application/modules/tracks/views/create.php
    • application/modules/tracks/controllers/trakcs.php
  1. Most popular tracks in dance is now fixed. You can view now the tracks by hits
  2. Added new feature in Administration > Manage Other Settings. Now you can insert google analytics code into your website.
  3. Fixed "table heading on all pages". Now all table headings in public website shows icons and text.


Mp3 Script is part of xttrust's work. Mp3 Script was developed for those who want to share music online fast and easy.

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