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Mp3 Script is part of xttrust's work.

MP3 Script project started in 2007 while browsing other music websites the first thought that came to my mind was "How this website was built?". And so I created a static MP3 Script using HTML only. It was very hard to add new pages daily, therefore, I started to learn a new programming language.

In 2009 I started a new MP3 Script V2 project using PHP. In time I have created my own PHP MVC Framework which stands as the basis of the MP3 Script V3 up to V4.

In 2017 I thought that MP3 Script V5 should take a new step and so I learned a framework for PHP, the name is CodeIgniter 3 by ElissaLab. MP3 Script V5 was created with the fastest PHP Framework named CodeIgniter 3 and for design uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Many clients prefer a custom MP3 Script. I time I have been asked to create many custom MP3 Scripts. If you think that the current MP3 Script does not meet your requirements then you can contact me for a custom MP3 Script.

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Mp3 Script is part of xttrust's work. Mp3 Script was developed for those who want to share music online fast and easy.

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Email: support@mp3-script.com
Website: www.mp3-script.com